What is Consent 2.0

Take a moment to remind yourself about what exactly is the Consent feature on the APSIS One platform by reading this Help Center article.

Consent 1.0



Consent 1.0 is deprecated and reached end of support on June 1st, 2023. Please switch your APSIS One API integrations to Consent 2.0 endpoints following One API integration FAQ for Consent 2.0 so that we can migrate your account to Consent 2.0 as well.

Currently the APSIS One platform as well as One API support version 1.0 of the Consent functionality. In order for a Profile to receive communication, the following actions must take place in Consent 1.0:

  • An Opt-In Consent to a specific Topic is given on the Channel and Address level (or just on the Address level for Channel Specific Topics)
  • Since a Profile and an Address are not the same things, a Subscription must also be created to assign the Profile to the Topic

This makes integrating with Consent via One API complex.

Consent 2.0


Current version

Consent 2.0 is the current, generally available release of this functionality. New accounts use Consent 2.0 already.

With Consent 2.0, if you want a Profile to receive communication, there's just one step to complete:

  • An Opt-In Consent to a specific Topic over a specific Channel is given on the Profile level

Isn't that simpler? Here's a summary of changes brought by Consent 2.0:

  • Consent is given on a Profile level, not on an Address level
  • Consent hierarchy support is removed, which enabled the following two changes
  • API for Consent management is simplified
  • Performance is significantly improved

More information about Consent 2.0 can be found in this Help Center article.


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