This page provides the information about the current limits implemented in APSIS One API.


Limits can change

For the benefit of our customers, we are constantly improving the APSIS One platform stability and performance. Public API limits are one of the tools allowing us to achieve this goal. For that reason, we reserve the right to change the limits listed on this page without notice.

Rate limits

Rate limits are applied on the account level, independent of how many API keys you use.

  • Most endpoints allow for 100 requests per second
  • Authentication token request - 10 requests per minute
  • Profile imports - 10 requests per minute
  • Profile exports - 1 request per second
  • Event exports - 1 request per minute
  • Export downloads - 60 requests per minute

When you reach these limits, HTTP 429 Too Many Requests is returned.

Size limits

Request body size is limited to 100 kB. We allow up to 2 MB for Send a Transactional Email (in development) however.

All lists accepted in the APSIS One API request bodies are limited based on the specific platform feature.

When you reach these limits, HTTP 413 Request Entity Too Large is returned.

Import limits

Imports have limits specific to the import files and frequency. Find details in the endpoint specification:

Export limits

Exports are limited in terms of the time frame as well as the data to include in the export file. Endpoint specification provides details: