Lock a profile

Profile will be locked and its data permanently deleted. Profile lock is permanent and irreversible.

APSIS One will generate an encrypted, anonymous ID for the profile and block any future attempts of adding a profile matching this ID.
It is not possible to import or create a locked profile nor for them to opt-in again. This applies to all keyspaces.

Unless strictly necessary, abstain from locking Profiles.
Locking Profiles cannot be undone and will prevent individuals from opting in into your communications in the future with the same email address or mobile number.
It is recommended to remove profiles using DELETE /audience/keyspaces/{keyspace_discriminator}/profiles/{profile_key} endpoint instead.

Read more about locking profiles in this Help Center article.

Profiles are on account level

Profiles are created on account level and NOT on section level. Using this endpoint locks the entire profile account-wide, not just its part that belongs to a specific section.