Get email event export status

Get the status an email event export previously requested using the Request email event export endpoint based on report_id.

Downloading the export file

When the status response property is completed then the export file is ready for download. In such case the response contains the file_download_url property. Use a GET request along with this URL to download the export file.

The file_download_url_expires_at is also provided and instructs you until when the URL is valid. Should you wish to download the same export file multiple times, you need to call this endpoint again to refresh the URL.

Finally, file_expires_at tells you until when the specific export, identified by the report_id, is guaranteed to be kept available for download.

Authentication via headers

This feature is currently in development

Export file download URL is secure. If you wish to further increase its security, you can opt for transmitting the authentication via headers instead of the query string.

To do this, provide the header_auth request query string parameter as true when calling this endpoint.

If you do that, the file_download_url response property does not contain the data required to authenticate the export file download. Instead, a token is returned inside the x-apsis-auth response header.

When attempting to download the file using the URL generated this way you need to provide this token as a x-apsis-auth request header.