Request profiles in segment report (beta)


This is a new feature in APSIS One API since September 2021 and we are still keeping a close look on performance and potential issues. Please report any feedback to [email protected].

Profiles in Segment Report

Request a report with profiles from specific segments. Optionally specify to include known or unknown profiles only.

How to use

Once completed successfully, this endpoint returns a poll URL that is valid for 1 day.

Call this URL repeatedly with exponential backoff using the same authentication token as for the other APSIS One API calls. Until the result is ready, you will keep getting HTTP 404 Not Found response status code.

As soon as the report file is ready, the poll URL returns HTTP 200 OK and starts streaming a report file as a response.

The HTTP 410 Gone means that the file is no longer available or the ID used is invalid.


By default the report file is an uncompressed CSV so your code should treat it as .csv. If you prefer a compressed report, provide Accept-Encoding: gzip request header when calling the poll URL. The response will then contain Content-Encoding: gzip header and you will be able to handle the file as .csv.gz.

Report file

The report file always contains the profile key. You can select other attributes and tags to include their value as columns in the report file.


Receiving HTTP 413 Payload Too Large from this POST request usually means that the request body contains a number of attributes and/or tags that is currently not supported.

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