Create a new profile

Unique identifiers

Unique identifier is used to locate the profile and consists of a keyspace discriminator and a profile key within that keyspace. Any given profile can have multiple unique identifiers (profile keys) however each of them must belong to a different keyspace.

Create a new profile

This feature creates a new profile in your account. This profile is identified by the keyspace_discriminator and profile_key you provide in the request. In the section designated by section_discriminator, the value is set for the attribute mapped to the keyspace. This value is the same as the profile key.

This feature allows creating profiles in custom keyspaces (unique identifiers).

The keyspace and section must exist prior to calling this endpoint.

As an example, let's say you want to create a profile in the Email keyspace and the context of your Europe section. Your call would look like this:

POST /audience/keyspaces/
  "profile_key": ""

Profiles and attributes

Profiles are created on account level whereas attributes and tags are defined on sections. They are then set on profiles on section level as well.

Even though default attributes like First Name or Email have the same names across sections, setting their value on a profile in one section will not affect their values in other sections. Custom attributes and tags created in one section can only set on profiles on that section level.

Mapped attribute values

Each keyspace in the account has a mapped attribute in all sections. For example, the email keyspace,, has the Email attribute,, mapped to it in each section.