Create a consent (version 2)

Consent 2.0

This feature is a part of Consent 2.0 functionality in APSIS One.

See this page to understand how to proceed with your existing and new integrations.

About consent

If a profile wants to receive communication regarding a specific topic over a specific channel (email or SMS), they must first give consent. The consent information is saved in APSIS One on a profile level along with the topic and the channel the consent is given for.

The following consent types are supported by APSIS One:

  • opt-in - profile permits communication
  • opt-out - profile forbids any communication
  • pending-opt-in - communication permission waits for the profile to confirm it (not supported by APSIS One API yet)
  • confirmed-opt-in - profile permits communication which they also confirmed (not supported by APSIS One API yet)

Confirming the consent, also known as double opt-in, is usually done via a link in an email that is sent to the profile.

Create a consent

Create a profile consent of a specific type regarding a given topic over a selected channel. Provide a reason for consent. Optionally, specify the source of consent which we'll default to One API if not provided.

Profile is identified by keyspace discriminator and profile key. Topic is identified by section discriminator and topic discriminator.

HTTP response status codes specific to this endpoint:

  • 201 Created - a consent to the requested topic did not previously exist on the requested profile and was now created
  • 204 No Content - an existing consent to the requested topic was updated
  • 409 Conflict - transition from the existing to a desired consent type is not supported (mostly happens when you attempt to update consent type to the same value that is already set on a profile)