Count profiles in segment by consent

Count profiles in segment by consent

Request a count of profiles that fall into the specified segments and have consented to the particular topics via the specific channels.

Options for consent filtering

This feature supports two methods of specifying channels. They're described in detail in the accompanying profile in segment by consent export endpoint description.

How to use

Once executed successfully, this endpoint returns a poll URL that is valid for 1 day.

Call this URL repeatedly with exponential back-off using the same authentication token as for the other APSIS One API calls. Until the result is ready, you will keep getting HTTP 404 Not Found response status code.

As soon as the results are in, HTTP 200 OK will pop up along with the results in the response body. Depending on the data volume on the account, the final call to the poll URL can also take longer.

The HTTP 410 Gone means that the file is no longer available or the ID used is invalid.

The response body of a poll URL call that returns HTTP 200 OK is as follows:

  "profile_count": 7,
  "total_profile_count": 7

Note that profile_count is deprecated and replaced by total_profile_count.

For Consent 2 accounts, the response body of a poll URL call that returns HTTP 200 OK is as follows:

  "profile_count": 10,
  "total_profile_count": 20,
  "EmailConsent": 11,
  "MobileConsent": 10

Note the two additional properties, EmailConsent and MobileConsent. They are optional and their names come from the original POST request body provided by the user as the values of the field_name property inside the channels array.


Receiving HTTP 413 Payload Too Large from this POST request usually means that the request body contains a number of topics, attributes and/or tags that is currently not supported.