Merge two profiles

Merges two profiles designated in the body using keyspace discriminator and profile key. As a result of the merge, both profile keys in both keyspaces will point to the same physical profile. Merging profiles using profile keys from different keyspaces is supported. Merge is both associative and commutative so you can do (A+B)+C if you need to merge more than two profiles.

If any of the merged profiles does not exist then it is created along the way. Also, if one of the merged profiles is locked then the other profile will be locked as well if the merge succeeds.

The use of Export Keyspace (com.apsis1.keyspaces.export) for both profiles yields the best results.

Caution! This API does not verify the physical owners of the profiles to be merged. The caller is obliged to make sure both profiles belong to the same physical individual prior to merging them with this endpoint.

Error scenarios

The following error scenarios are specific to this feature:

  • 400 Bad Request

    Exactly two profiles were not provided in the request body or profile_key is not valid

  • 404 Not Found

    One of the specified keyspaces or profiles were not found

  • 409 Conflict

    Attempt to merge two profiles where any of Email, Mobile and/or CRM ID attributes have conflicting values. Update the conflicting attribute value(s) on one of the profiles and retry the merge.

    One of the profiles has reached its merge limit of 500 merges per profile

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