Subscribe profile to topic

Consent 1.0 is being deprecated

This feature is a part of Consent 1.0 functionality in APSIS One that will soon be replaced by Consent 2.0.

See this page to understand how to proceed with your existing and new integrations.

Subscribe profile to topic

For a profile to receive your communication, the following requirements must be met:

  • profile's address has a topic level opt-in consent (see /audience/channels/{channel_discriminator}/addresses/{address}/consents endpoint)
  • profile is subscribed to the topic (see /audience/keyspaces/{keyspace_discriminator}/profiles/{profile_key}/sections/{section_discriminator}/subscriptions endpoint)

Works with keyspaces that have manage_subscriptions flag set, otherwise the HTTP 403 Forbidden status code is returned.

Read more about consents in this Help Center article.