Get access token

Create an API key in your APSIS One account settings and store client ID and secret key in your integration configuration.

Use these credentials with this endpoint to request an OAuth 2.0 access token. Store the access_token value in your integration memory cache and reuse it during the time when the access token remains valid to avoid redundant calls to this endpoint.

The token is valid for 24 hours which is conveyed in the expires_in response property. Calculate and store the expiration time in your integration cache. When the token is close to expire, request it again using this endpoint.

When making calls to other endpoints of this API, provide the cached auth token as Authorization: Bearer <access token> header.


To encourage proper auth token caching this endpoint is rate limited more strictly. When this limit is reached, HTTP 429 Too Many Requests is returned. When this happens, retry the call with exponential backoff.

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