Get consents (version 2) (in development)

In development

This APSIS One API feature is in development and it's not meant to be used yet

Consent 2.0

This feature is a part of Consent 2.0 functionality in APSIS One.

See this page to understand how to proceed with your existing and new integrations.

About consent

If a profile wants to receive communication regarding a specific topic over a specific channel (email or SMS), they must first give consent. The consent information is saved in APSIS One on a profile level along with the topic and the channel the consent is given for.

The following consent types are supported by APSIS One:

  • opt-in - profile permits communication
  • opt-out - profile forbids any communication
  • pending-opt-in - communication permission waits for the profile to confirm it (not supported by APSIS One API yet)
  • confirmed-opt-in - profile permits communication which they also confirmed (not supported by APSIS One API yet)

Confirming the consent, also known as double opt-in, is usually done via a link in an email that is sent to the profile.

Get consents

Get all or selected types of consents for different topics over various channels currently existing for a specific profile.

Profile is identified by keyspace discriminator and profile key. Topic is identified by section discriminator and topic discriminator.