Clear attribute value on a profile (version 2) (in development)

In development

This APSIS One API feature is in development and it's not meant to be used yet

Clear attribute value on a profile

For a given profile, removes a value from an attribute selected with its discriminator. Permits the removal of default and custom attributes.

Profiles and attributes

Profiles are created on account level whereas attributes and tags are defined on sections. They are then set on profiles on section level as well.

Even though default attributes like First Name or Email have the same names across sections, setting their value on a profile in one section will not affect their values in other sections. Custom attributes and tags created in one section can only set on profiles on that section level.

Version 2

This version selects attributes by discriminators. Unlike with version 1, the values for all versions of the attribute specified by the discriminator are removed from the selected profile.

This version is available for accounts with channel-specific topics enabled

Removing profile keys

Removing attributes that are also profile keys is not allowed. An attempt to do so will result in an HTTP 400 Bad request response status code.