Unmerge a profile (in development)

In development

This APSIS One API feature is in development and it's not meant to be used yet

Unmerge a profile

Unmerge a single profile designated by the keyspace discriminator and the profile key provided in the request from a group of two or more merged profiles

For example let's assume there are merged profiles A+B+C with keyspaces email + mobile + CRM (respectively). When we request to unmerge profile B via mobile keyspace then profile B is unmerged from A+B+C giving a standalone profile B and merged profile A+C. Data from profile B which was part of A+B+C before the unmerge call remains under A+C profile after profile B has been unmerged.

A previously unmerged profile can be merged back to the same or a new group.

If a profile is stand-alone then a request to unmerge it does not result in an error.

This feature is available for accounts with channel-specific topics enabled.

Error scenarios

The following error scenarios are specific to this feature:

  • 400 Bad Request

    An attempt was made to unmerge a canonical profile

  • 404 Not Found

    The specified keyspace or profile was not found

  • 410 Gone

    The profile that is requested to be unmerged is locked

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